Joshua Tehee

September 3, 2014

Tehee: Forever Never Land Festival in San Luis Obispo allows adults to be kids again

There is an inherent Peter Pan-ness to the Forever Never Land Festival. It's more than just the name.

There is an inherent Peter Pan-ness to the Forever Never Land Festival.

It's more than just the name.

The two-day event, Sept. 13-14 at the Avila Beach Golf Resort in San Luis Obispo, is billed as a music and fun festival and seems tailor made for this generation of 20- and 30-somethings — grown ups who aren't quite ready to grow up.

"There is a huge market of adults out there who just want to be kids again," says Valerie Wang, the 27-year old Los Angeles entrepreneur who founded the festival this year.

This is the demographic for the Never Land festival, one that Wang got a good look at while helping to organize the World Adult Kickball Association.

Yes, kickball, the playground ball game you probably haven't thought about since middle school, has a worldwide association, with competitive leagues and rules of play.

In Los Angeles, where Wang lives, she helped organize a thousand or more eager participants. (I am reminded of the comedy show "Portlandia" and a sketch involving an adult hide-and-seek league.)

These kinds of grown-up kids games are becoming more acceptable, Wang says. It's why those crazy color and mud runs are so popular.

And, it's what make this festival unique.

"Forever Never Land is basically an adult playground," Wang says.

There are four distinct "lands" — a nod to the world of Disney no doubt — and each has its own set of activities and attractions.

There is a 200-foot water slide with a 20-foot vertical drop and a 40-foot launch pad in Pirate Cove. In Castle Land there is a zip-line (so you can play Robin Hood) and bounce castles and a giant human-sized chess board. There is a foam pit and paint party in Futureland. And laser tag.

Wang is really excited about laser tag.

International Land is designed for the foodies, with beer and wine tastings (this is a 21-plus event after all).

The music gets mentioned almost as an afterthought, though there are dozens of bands and DJs playing over the two days (from indie-pop and rock to alternative and any number of San Francisco/Los Angeles groups).

Of course, the music also comes with some sense of nostalgia.

"Music is such an important component to our lives," Wang says. "It's a tool that can bring you back to a specific time."

Much of the music is tied to the late '90s and early 2000s, Wang says. Alternative rock band Everclear headlines Saturday night.

If you go

The Forever Never Land music and fun festival , Sept. 13-14 at Avila Beach Golf Resort, 6464 Ana Bay Road, San Luis Obispo. One- and two-day tickets are available from $75. Details:

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