Joshua Tehee

December 18, 2013

Tehee: What my friends want Santa to get for Fresno

If I learned anything from multiple viewings of "The Santa Clause" it's this: Santa is magic.

If I learned anything from multiple viewings of "The Santa Clause" it's this: Santa is magic.

With magic, anything is possible. All you need to do is believe enough and the Big Guy will finally deliver on that Oscar Meyer Weenie Whistle (to use an example from the movie).

I'm not letting the fact that I'm still waiting on a Hasbro Cobra Terror Drome toy dissuade me (there's one on eBay for $5,000 still sealed. Hint, hint). As is my tradition, I asked some of my favorite local artist, musician and media types what they hope Santa will bring to Fresno this year.

Whether we receive said gifts depends on how much you believe.

Rebecca Caraveo — Artist, TV/radio show host and musician with Cattie Ness and the Revenge:

"I would love Santa to bring Fresno the means to make the Bob Wills Triple B Ranch into a museum dedicated to country and Western music. We seem to overlook a lot of our history, which could be highlighted for tourists looking for a little bit of the Wild West and the roots of Western country music. Rising stars of the genre (Buck Owens, Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton, Lefty Frizzell) often appeared at the Big Fresno Barn and other venues in the Valley, playing live on local radio shows in the day and encouraging listeners to come see them perform that evening."

Mathr de León — Musician, promoter and co-founder of the Catacomb Party music festival:

"Dear Santa, If you could find it in your cold, dead heart to bring us another chance at securing the Conan Bobble-head, we would be eternally grateful. Also, we will try to do better at the whole drinking and driving thing. Thank you."

Mike Seay — Podcaster with the Dorktown Network of podcasts:

"An Ikea in downtown Fresno. Fresnans would never have to leave town for retail again. I bet you could even charge for parking. Option two: Something, anything, built on the northwest corner of Herndon and First avenues. It's only been empty since the beginning of time."

Laura Splotch --  Owner/operator of splotchproductions, old school Tower District punk rocker:

"Dear Santa, How's it going, man? I am doing fine … As you well know … I've been naughty AND nice this year. So instead of asking for myself … I'd like for you to bring my good friend, Fresno, a huge gift! That gift would consist of lots of good businesses moving into the empty spaces on the Fulton Mall, so it won't be torn up … Can you do that, Santa? I like the Mall just the way it is. There is even plenty of room for you and the reindeer to land right next to the Ice Rink! I believe in downtown Fresno. And I believe in you, man. I always have."

Philip R. Teresi — Producer for the "The Chris Daniel Show," on KMJ (580 AM and 105.9 FM):

"I'd like to see Santa bring Fresno a couple things: Jobs, water and a Dave and Busters. This is a great town, full of giving, caring people. They deserve a break … in both senses of the word."


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