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Fast-paced action makes ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ most furious in franchise history

Justin Lin puts franchise into hyperdrive

Story reflects Gene Roddenberry’s vision

Karl Urban gets added screen time


Director's debut explores 'The Land' with Nas, Badu help

Director Steven Caple Jr. was mentoring some elementary school students at an inner-city park in Los Angeles when he spotted two stray kids hopping a fence with their skateboards. He went to go kick them out of the park and ended up talking with them instead. They spilled that they were selling marijuana to fund their entry into skateboarding competitions and new equipment. It was their ticket out.

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: Hit-and-miss 'Bad Moms' tries to offer Mila Kunis and Co. a good night out

It's a peculiar bit of Hollywood logic, having the two guys who wrote "The Hangover" write and direct a movie called "Bad Moms." As if by some transitive property of film comedy, their having written a smash hit of men being oblivious, immature and reckless somehow makes Jon Lucas and Scott Moore the ideal candidates to explore the difficulties modern mothers face to balance conflicting responsibilities with the need to remain individualized people too.


'Nerve' movie trailer

"Nerve," which stars Emma Roberts, Dave Franco and Emily Meade, opens in theaters Friday, July 24.
'Nerve' movie trailer 1:01

'Nerve' movie trailer

Inside look at the story of 'Captain Fantastic' 4:03

Inside look at the story of 'Captain Fantastic'

'Captain Fantastic' movie trailer 2:32

'Captain Fantastic' movie trailer

Film critic Rick Bentley reviews 'Star Trek: Beyond' 1:23

Film critic Rick Bentley reviews 'Star Trek: Beyond'