Unclaimed property: The state holds around $7.6 billion

Most of the property is cash, though some is securities or safe-deposit box contents

Fresno County: $44.5 million, 1 million-plus in tradeable assets, 1,271 safe-deposit boxes unclaimed

Legislative Analyst’s Office says the state pockets assets, so it has incentive not to find owners

Armen D. Bacon: Celebrating William Saroyan

My mother knows of my obsession with William Saroyan, and as I begin this essay, she is quick to remind me he ate dinner once at our home in the late ’50s. Neither of us can fill in the narrative of how or why he showed up at our doorstep. Not knowing, of course, creates mystery and intrigue, a sheer heyday for my imagination, although such vague recollection disappoints the yearning to discern details or anything that might bring him back to life.

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The Fresno County Sheriff's Office released video and photos from the rescue Saturday of lost hiker Miyuki Harwood, 62, from Folsom, Calif., who was missing for nine days in the Sierra National Forest. Harwood is now recuperating after surgery to repair a broken leg at Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno.