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    Hoodie makes for a rare find for women

    A solid hoodie is a staple for any outdoor activity in the colder months. While there are countless choices for women, they usually hit at or right below the hip and tend to be a bit on the bulky side. That makes the Outdoor Research Women's Salida Long Hoodie a rare find, with a length that extends...


    Wina Sturgeon: How distance runners should train in winter

    Is a marathon or a 50K your idea of athletic heaven? Do you work out primarily to get in shape to run long distances? If so, don't allow your fitness to fade when the weather gets cold.


    Looking for fall color? Head to the eastern Sierra

    BISHOP, Calif. - Clouds quilted the sky, swaddling the sun and leaving the jutting mountainsides of the Inyo National Forest above Bishop with a forbidding, slate-gray backdrop.


    Eight simple steps to mindful eating

    Mindfulness. Presence. Awareness. Whatever you choose to call it, the practice of staying in the moment is getting increasingly more attention for its ability to boost physical and mental health. One area where mindfulness shows particular promise: Our plates.


    Want to try something different? Try cardio barre

    Barre seems to be the latest group work out trend. I've been taking classes for more than a year and recently decided to branch out a bit. I took a cardio barre class at barre revolution in Waterford Lakes, Fla., and it really got my heart rate up.

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