Creativity leads to longevity

Happy 100th birthday, Agnes Frech.

  • THEATER REVIEW: ‘Boeing-Boeing’

    Meet Robert. At first glance he seems to be someone for whom the term “quivering jelly of a man” was invented: He fidgets, stammers, ...

  • THEATER REVIEW: ‘Smokey Joe’s Cafe’

    When you’re lucky, you get a moment in a musical that soars into the stratosphere. The Good Company Players production of the musical revue...

  • Big changes at Fresno Grand Opera

    UPDATE 1/18: Here’s a combination story from Modesto Bee reporter Marijke Rowland and me that goes into greater detail on the departure...

  • DIY: Get ‘Thankful’

    The arrival of November caught me by surprise. I’m not certain how an entire month, which arrives promptly every year at exactly the same time...

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