Anarchy is tea party goal

FresnoJuly 17, 2014 

FOX political news and other right-wing talk shows have done a solid job in brainwashing normally intelligent people to believe their accusations, innuendos, misinformation and outright lies. This wizardly false twisting of the truth forces some people to write letters to the editor repeating verbatim what they have heard conservative media tell them.

It's even worse than it looks. So bad that one FOX News host took Michele Bachmann to task recently for wanting to defund the executive branch as "a complete waste of time," which shows that even some mainstream Republicans are getting fed up with tea party extremism.

The answer to such foolishness is the power of the people to vote. "Throw the bums out" usually doesn't change much and only makes the dysfunction worse. Democrats may be able to hold off the collapse of the American political system for a short time longer, but the tea party is bound and determined to keep eating away at its foundations like termites until they achieve total anarchy and its resultant police state. What do we call trying to destroy an existing government? A word comes to mind: treason.

David Des Roches


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