Madera Co. mobile home park told to boil water

The Fresno BeeJuly 17, 2014 

A "boil water notice" was issued to a senior resident mobile home park Thursday. About 200 people may be affected by the bacteria contamination in the water supply.

Water at Oakhurst Mobile Home Estates tested positive Wednesday for bacteria. Mike Waiczis, resident manager, said he alerted Madera County about the positive test and started chlorinating the water. The mobile home operates on an independent water system run off of two wells.

Waiczis said the county told him because he chlorinated the system, the water is safe for bathing and washing clothes, but not drinking. Waiczis handed out gallon jugs of water to each resident and continues to supply drinking water.

He suspects the county will want to test the water at least four more times before it is cleared for drinking.

Oakhurst is the second community to receive a "boil water notice" in Madera County in two weeks. The first notice was issued July 7 to Parkwood, outside the city of Madera.

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