Yosemite protected for all of us

FresnoJuly 15, 2014 

I'm feeling indebted and overwhelmingly grateful for protectors of Yosemite. Having just returned from several days of backpacking there, I'm still soaking in the effects of its beauty.

Along the way, we touched the top of Clouds Rest and stepped into its euphoric and never ending panoramic view. Trekking eastward through the expanse of Sunrise Meadow, we were met by a steady stretch of elevation gain and our efforts were rewarded with a rejuvenating swim in Cathedral Lake.

Then there was the night of alpenglow at Vogelsang, which was followed by a hike the next morning down the Merced River. There the waters of the Merced tumble and churn as they drop along miles of a vast granite slide, glacially carved and polished, cascading from one crystal clear pool to the next, over and over and over again. I wish I could have taken a dip in them all.

Thank you to all those that put their shoulder to the wheel for protection of Yosemite. It is stewardship that enables us to experience and enjoy all our national parks have to offer.

Dave Koehler


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