Warszawski: Home Run Derby more foul than fair for baseball fans

The Fresno BeeJuly 14, 2014 

Yasiel Puig didn't make Dodgers fans catch their breath after a disappointing showing in Monday's Home Run Derby in Minneapolis.


Enter the Warzone, the other midsummer classic.

• Nothing makes America reach for the mute button like Chris Berman calling the Home Run Derby.

Why can't he just "back back back" off the hyperbole?

• Home Run Derby has become just as useless (and tedious) as the NBA dunk contest.

Much rather watch Yoenis Cespedes, Yasiel Puig and Shin-Soo Choo throw out baserunners at home plate.

• When a rain delay is more entertaining than the actual contest, you know the format's in trouble.

• The headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reads: "Bud Selig to leave baseball with fond memories."

Too bad baseball won't have fond memories of him.

• On June 30, the Dodgers pulled even with the Giants in the National League West. Since then, the Giants have gone 6-7 and the Dodgers 7-6.

Instant conclusion: The Giants aren't as bad as their fans feared, and the Dodgers aren't as good.

• Good for Mayor Ashley Swearengin for talking with Giants officials about keeping their Triple-A club in Fresno.

Unfortunately, there's nothing she can do to stop them from leaving.

• One point that didn't get made in Sunday's column: Having pro baseball in town, even with a Brewers affiliation, is better than no baseball.

Infinitely better.

• There's no finer place in Fresno to spend a summer evening than Chukchansi Park.

Let's hope that holds true for years to come.

• After writing he "intends" to finish his career in Cleveland, LeBron James signed a two-year contract with the option to become a free agent next summer.

James probably isn't going anywhere, but don't tell that to delusional Lakers fans.

• The Lakers didn't land LeBron, Carmelo Anthony or Chris Bosh and lost Pau Gasol to the Bulls without any compensation.

This rebuild won't be leaving the garage anytime soon.

• The chances of Central High football coach Justin Garza finding a bone marrow match from a Fresno donor is extremely low.

But a Fresno donor could be a match for someone else in dire need. And that's just as important.

• Now's the time of year when college football players get named to "watch lists" for awards they have no chance of winning.

It's college football's version of orange slices.

• Fresno State football gets underway -- well, sort of -- next week in Las Vegas for Mountain West Media Days.

Where last season ended, a new one begins.

• The problem with "returning" grizzly bears to the Sierra Nevada is they never really lived there in the first place.

If grizzlies returned to their native habitat, we'd see them lumbering down Blackstone Avenue.

• Despite low water levels due to the drought, Huntington Lake remains a fantastic summer hangout.

Even without ski boats and regattas, there's still plenty to do. Best of all: No triple-digit temperatures at 7,000 feet.

• For no particular reason: Bill Ring

• "If you've been enjoying the World Cup, you're going to like the MLS as well," exclaimed the TV announcer.

Yup, and those who enjoy ice cream also have a fondness for turnips.

• Every once in a while, before he got really sick, former Bee columnist Eli Setencich would drop us a line to say how much he enjoyed something we'd written.

Getting called "witty" and "funny" by Eli was like Colin Kaepernick complimenting your abs.

Those are the emails you treasure forever.

OK, enough of that. Get back to ripping the Warzone at (559) 441-6218, marekw@fresnobee.com or @MarekTheBee on Twitter.

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