Uncle Sam and fleeced taxpayers

The Fresno BeeJuly 13, 2014 

After reading the front page article July 10 about the feds making over $100 billion in wrong payments in 2013, I realized the most mistreated people in America are we taxpayers.

Daily we trudge off to the salt mines to support our families and the government confiscates a healthy chunk of our cash to throw to others like candy. Then a year later it says "oops" but does very little to get our money back. As the saying goes, you can't take candy away from a baby.

The overpayments include reimbursements by Medicare that are mostly blamed on coding errors by doctors. Of course, there are errors. The coding book is thick and has gotten thicker with Obamacare. It's virtually impossible to guess which code will satisfy Uncle Sam.

The most egregious overpayments involve fraudulent W-2s for claiming refunds, and abuse of generous tax credits. The reason is simple. The IRS has gotten this notion that refunds must be rushed out within three weeks before they can verify accuracy. Of course, fraud is rampant. People know they can get away with it. We taxpayers be damned.

Fran Blackney


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