Women should pay

July 11, 2014 

The Bee editorial "Obama must assist women hurt by Hobby Lobby ruling" (July 3) is the root of why newspapers are losing patrons in our society. There was a time in our nation's history when the influence of editorials in newspapers was significant.

The recent Supreme Court ruling did not deny the right of any women to use whatever contraception they desire. The editorial was the true definition of a fallacy. It was intentionally written in a way that intends to deceive the reader.

Hobby Lobby has provided contraceptives in its heath-care programs in the past and will continue to do so after the Supreme Court ruling. The ruling eliminated forms of contraception (two types) that are contrary to religious beliefs. These two types are "abortion like" and offensive to certain religious groups.

Nothing in the law prevents a Hobby Lobby female employee from using such devices. It only says that if such a lady wants to use them, she will have to pay for them. What a novel idea. Someone having to pay for something they want.

Thomas Williams


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