Get involved in schools

July 11, 2014 

The change in California public-school funding places the responsibility for quality education in the hands of every registered voter.

No longer can we use the excuse that Sacramento's categorical-funding method is the cause of our low-performance schools or high dropout rate. The passage of Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) puts the focus and direction of quality education in our hands. It is time for every voter to become involved at every level of public education.

The LCFF ruling calls for transparent accountability and a plan that the community can understand to enable participation as valid partners. Just trusting in the good will of community members who sit on school boards or accepting the decisions of school administrations as appropriate must change.

Parents and all other shareholders should challenge and participate in decisions that affect the education of our future leaders.

Start participating at the school near your home, become a classroom volunteer, attend school board meetings, question school board members — make your opinions heard.

Working together, we can cut waste and fund programs that are successfully fostering achievement and mastery for every student like the Reading and Beyond formula. Get involved!

Charmaine Fitzgerald


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