Cancel FUSD Convocation

The Fresno BeeJuly 9, 2014 

I would encourage the board and superintendent of Fresno Unified to use district money in ways that directly benefit our students. To start, cancel the 2014 Convocation. Use those dollars, instead, to:

Eradicate the roaches. They are in classrooms, bathrooms and even in school kitchens.

Fill our classrooms and school libraries with books. Common Core lists hundreds of book titles across the curriculum that are recommended reading for our students.

Provide more field trips. The laws governing fundraising make it incredibly difficult to raise money for travel, and ours is certainly a population that needs to get out and see beyond Fresno.

Send all sixth-graders to camp. Few elementary schools send their students to camp, but those that do are mostly in areas where parents are more affluent.

How many thousands of dollars were spent on Convocation last year for buses, the venue, speakers and T-shirts for teachers? These things do not directly impact the learning of our students. Give our students schools that are clean, filled with books, and ones that provide educational experiences outside the classroom. This will enhance their learning.

Mercedes E. Pacheco


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