Controversial hire

FresnoJuly 7, 2014 

To my dismay, Fresno Unified School District has hired a white male to teach African-American and Latino studies courses at Gaston Middle School in west Fresno.

Gaston, a new middle school in the district, will be serving predominantly nonwhite racial/ethnic groups of African-American, Latino/a, and Southeast Asian descent. This highly controversial hire by the district demonstrates no sensitivity toward west Fresno community members who have fought for nearly 40 years for a bonafide neighborhood middle school to return to west Fresno.

Intentionally or not, the hire perpetuates the myth of white male superiority and nonwhite inferiority.

As a native of west Fresno who is also part of a biological, cultural and religious bloodline that fought for a middle school back in the '70s and early '80s, I desire for African-American and Latino/a teachers to be hired for African-American and Latino studies, respectively. I'm committed to a way of healing, hope and restoration for both victims and perpetrators in the racial harm and injustice that plague us. It is my hope that the district reconsiders its hire so as to engender healthier district-community relations.

Rev. Karen Crozier



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