Monsoon moisture brings cloudy skies to Valley, but heat remains

The Fresno BeeJuly 7, 2014 

Overcast skies in the Valley Monday had people wondering if showers were on the horizon. Jim Andersen, with the National Weather Service, reassured there will be no major downpour anytime soon.

"What we're experiencing today (Monday) is monsoon moisture coming up from the Mexico and Arizona area," Andersen said. "This type of tropical moisture is pretty common toward the end of the summer."

The clouds will be streaming north today and most of tomorrow. "You might see a little bit of rain sporadically today, but don't expect anything major," Andersen said.

"The clouds are definitely keeping the valley a little cooler today, but by tomorrow it should be clear and back up to 107 degrees," he added.

A high of 102 degrees is expected today in Fresno, which would be the ninth straight day of the high reaching the century mark. Temperatures will average around the low 100s for the latter part of the week. Clear skies are expected for the weekend as well.

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