Improve water policy

FresnoJuly 6, 2014 

The closing paragraph of The Bee's editorial, "Drought Focuses Need to Improve Water Bond" (July 1) states: "The drought is damaging the economy and the environment. But it's also serving to focus voters on California's strained and faulty plumbing system. Legislators must not squander this opportunity." I agree.

But The Bee doesn't recognize that for the last 25 years, Democrat legislators had numerous opportunities and good reasons to take meaningful action on California's serially worsening water crisis. But the fact is they didn't, leaving us where we are today.

But that's been the Democrats' way. They wring their hands and go through the motions like they really care, then ultimately do little or nothing except spend taxpayer money on useless pork projects like environmental education centers and endless habitat restoration rather than projects that generate real water.

The public may have a marginally heightened awareness, but it's obviously not heightened enough. Most large metropolitan areas aren't even meeting paltry water-use reduction goals of just 20%, while farmers up and down the state are struggling with zero water supplies.

I hope I'm wrong. But if past is prologue, Democrats will probably squander this opportunity, too, or again propose funding mostly waterless projects.

L.W. Johnson

Shaver Lake

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