Delay price increases

FresnoJuly 5, 2014 

Sixteen Assembly Democrats, led by Henry T. Perea, D-Fresno, signed and submitted a letter to the California Air Resources Board's Chairwoman Mary Nichols urging the delay of making gas and diesel subject to the cap-and-trade auction.

In the June 16 letter, Assembly Member Perea informed Ms. Nichols on the limitation and challenges of public transportation in rural areas like the Valley. Mr. Perea said, "We drive; we rely on our cars here; and for gas to go up another 15 cents a gallon is a major hit."

As the president of Britton Trucking Co. and a longtime resident of the Valley, I applaud Mr. Perea for his leadership. Starting in 2015, fuels under the cap will negatively impact businesses in California. Valley truckers are already investing nearly $1 billion a year on cleaner trucks. Increasing the price of fuel will only add insult to injury and will increase cost of goods and services, which will hurt struggling businesses and families. I join the 16 Assembly Democrats in urging a delay of these price increases until more study is done.

Doug Britton



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