Path of illumination

July 4, 2014 

Celebrating the Fourth of July with family, food, and fireworks always takes me back in time to my days as a typical 16-year-old in the carefree 1950s.

Dragging the main, spraying our friends with shaving cream — doo-wop music, drive-ins — as much as a kid could cram into her life; same as now! But when night set in, once again, the worry returned. My grandparents had always cared for me.

I was a product of divorce, custody battles and dysfunctional parents. Now, I watched as my beloved elderly grandparents could hardly care for each other. What to do with me? Where now?

One night, July 3, I dreamed my friends and I attended a fireworks celebration. As they cheered at the beauty of each display, I tried to show them what I was seeing, but only I saw the Great Hand writing the message: "Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." I awoke knowing I'd be all right, and I was.

Faye Hyde


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