At 70, life is good

July 4, 2014 

I am 70 years old and have had cerebral palsy since birth. For many years, I could be by myself for several hours during the day and then all night while I was sleeping. Now I have people stay with me around the clock because I need help with getting in and out of bed.

This was a hard transition for me, but after surgery and a six-week stay in the hospital, I was weak and not able to be alone. I thought it would be temporary. I was wrong.

On the positive side of getting older and perhaps giving up some independence, I am able to eat when I am hungry, go to the bathroom when I need to, have ice added to my water and coffee, and take a nap whenever I get tired. I also like being able to stay up late at night reading books and working on my writing.

Maybe it isn't so bad being older and needing more help. I don't know. My life is working. I am safe. I am comfortable, and I am still in control of my life. So, it is good.

Joe Hemphill


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