Obama is getting raw deal

July 4, 2014 

I was shocked that House Speaker John Boehner plans to sue President Obama for use of Executive Orders. What was frightening was Speaker Boehner's contention that use of Executive Orders is unconstitutional.

Executive Orders go back to George Washington. A quick scan of the Internet shows that our president has made slightly more than 20 while the two prior presidents (Clinton and Bush) made 130 and 120.

The Supreme Court stepped in to void three "recess" appointments made by President Obama because it felt that the Congress was not away from D.C. long enough to use that option. Again, a quick check shows that the prior two presidents each made over 120 such appointments with no backlash. The president must try to have a functional administration, but he has some 30 key positions vacant and is short 120-plus federal judges.

I look at those facts and question what is the difference between our president now and the prior two. The only conclusion I can come to saddens my heart. If you see it the same way as I do, I hope you and all your family vote in every election.

Diego Haro Sr.


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