FOURTH: Fireworks, family and more

FresnoJuly 3, 2014 

My niece, Karilyn, and her husband, Don, hosted a 2005 July 4 family reunion in Chicago with relatives from six states. Saturday was spent "catching up" before the dinner-dance on the "Spirit of Chicago," Lake Michigan's cruise liner and watching fireworks from its top deck.

Sunday mass was at Queen of All Saints Basilica. The men visited the Science and Industry Museum while we ladies enjoyed our girl talk. Later, there was a backyard barbecue followed by a "How high can you jump?" trampoline contest — youngsters first, slightly inebriated oldsters second — while the ladies cheered them on!

Monday, our hosts prepared a yummy breakfast barbecue. Then we joined hundreds in a family parade to the park, with flags, banners and ribbons attached to baby carriages, wagons and bicycles. We had band music, hot dogs, ice cream, sack races and more fireworks!

We left soon after for O'Hare airport, amidst promises, kisses and hugs to do it again. Our plane was an hour late, we missed our connection in San Francisco and arrived in Fresno at 8:30 p.m., just in time to watch more fireworks upon landing. Truly a memorable Fourth!

Marylin Pages-Zask


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