Smoking and outdoor dining

FresnoJune 30, 2014 

The Fresno County Tobacco-Free Coalition thanks Randy Reed and the Fresno Planning Commission for their efforts to protect Fresno restaurant patrons from the deadly effects of secondhand smoke in outdoor dining.

Tobacco smoke is not only a nuisance, it is classified by the California Air Resources Board as a toxic air contaminant. Furthermore, the U.S. Surgeon General has reported there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Restricting smoking in outdoor dining will not only protect the public's health, but it is also doesn't hurt business. Sixty-nine other cities and counties in California have passed similar laws and none have reported significant financial losses.

The Fresno County Tobacco-Free Coalition also thanks Fresno City Council Member Blong Xiong for his effort to lead a discussion around this important issue. We strongly recommend that the Fresno City Council consider bringing this issue forward for further consideration.

Justina Felix, American Lung Association in California

Co-Chair, Fresno County Tobacco-Free Coalition


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