Sanger veterans say 'thank you'

The Fresno BeeJune 29, 2014 

On Flag Day, June 14th, the Honor Guard of Sanger AmVets Post 98 assisted with the service for a retired firefighter, who is also a veteran. After performing the service, the honor guard veterans enjoyed lunch at Denny's restaurant in Sanger. When it was time to pay their bill, the waitress informed them a kind lady had been watching them and generously covered the tab for all nine men.

No one knew the mystery lady and she had left the restaurant before anyone could thank her for her kindness. Thank God for gracious people like this lady.

AmVets members give of their time and own expense to have the honor of assisting with these services; they ask for nothing in return. They seek no compensation, no glory, no fame. They just want to be there when a fellow veteran or his or her family need them most. Please remember our veterans who have given so much so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.

A special thank you to the mystery lady for her kindness.

Mike Viar

U.S. Navy veteran


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