Let's narrow the inequality gap

The Fresno BeeJune 29, 2014 

I hope that everybody is aware that we have a huge income gap between the wealthiest people in this country and all the rest of us. And it keeps getting bigger because of the tax advantages that people with money have.

Most Americans put almost all of their income back into the economy because they only make enough to survive on. Wealthy people put very little back into the economy. Most of their money is in secret bank accounts and high-dividend yielding stocks that are taxed at lower rates than the tax rate that middle class Americans pay for actual work.

It is no secret how the Democrats would like to solve this inequality. If you want to change an inequality then you have to figure out a way to make it more equal. I have never heard of a Republican who had a plan to lessen the gap between the wealthy and the working Americans. The Republican platform has always been in favor of big business and wealthy Americans over everybody else. Think about it ... really. If you are a Republican and think that you have a better answer, please respond.

Bill Rovin


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