Mayor hides from the real facts

The Fresno BeeJune 29, 2014 

As Mayor Swearengin pontificated, facts are "stubborn things." Here are a few that she is hiding from.

A primary election win when only 24% of the voters have turned out is not the big win pundits are making it.

She is not "one of California's best mayors." That is pure propaganda.

She is not the CEO of a "corporate municipality." That is only how she views herself.

Her animosity toward organized labor and collective bargaining is nothing more than clueless conservatism.

Traffic on Fulton Mall is not a revitalization. It is just more urban blight.

She may be artful at obfuscating facts to trump up her expertise, but it is nothing more than imagery intended to make herself appear as something she is not. Like most California politicians, she is a "public servant" by title and seeks only to further her personal ambition.

The most stubborn fact: She is not a true leader.

Timothy McKeever


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