See through smokescreen

The Fresno BeeJune 28, 2014 

A Bee story on June 18 ("Parking an Issue in Eaton Trail Extension") inspired us to take a look at the planned River West Park along two miles of the San Joaquin River just west of Highway 41. We're forced to conclude that the "environmental issues" raised by certain individuals whose homes are on the bluff above the proposed park are in fact a smokescreen for their objective of impeding reasonable access to the project area by the general public.

A decision to omit 40 parking spaces in the center of the River West project area would have a significant negative environmental impact, in that users driving to the park from Fresno County would have to travel another seven miles in order to use the lot at the eastern end of the project area. It would impose a disproportionate and unreasonable burden on those citizens of Fresno County whose only practical means of accessing the new park is by motor vehicle.

Among larger American cities, Fresno ranks very low in the amount of green space available to residents ("Last Again," Fresno Bee, June 1). There is an urgent and compelling need for initiatives like the River West project.

David and Tuyet Brown


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