Stiffen DUI sentences

The Fresno BeeJune 28, 2014 

When are we going to stop giving drunken drivers free passes to endanger the public? Two more beautiful, innocent, children lost their lives (plus two others) on Highway 180 due to another alleged drunken driver. We need to make the penalty so repugnant that few will dare to get behind the wheel after drinking.

I propose that people caught driving while intoxicated, or texting, should be sent to jail for five years. Each subsequent offense will be double the previous term. If someone is hospitalized, then it goes up to 10 years for the initial offense. If someone is killed, then the jail term starts at 25 years.

If we need to build jails to house these selfish idiots, then we should build them — whatever the cost may be. How many people need to die needlessly because somebody thinks only of themselves and not the poor innocents who happen to be sharing the road with a drunkard or a person texting?

Severe hardships will befall the families of the accused, but the violators should have thought about that before they got behind the wheel. They did not think about the ones they hurt, did they?

Dan Martinez


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