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The Fresno BeeJune 28, 2014 

We live in the land of opportunity, which usually means a good education. How many of us had to sit through a boring class because we needed credits? How many of us wanted the "good teacher" but the class was the first to get filled? What if you could grade the teacher's effectiveness? What if you got to tell them what you think they could improve to make it a more interesting class? What if you could vote out a teacher with poor skills?

I had a math teacher everyone wanted because he made math fun and their was never a dull moment in his class. He was one of the "good teachers." So, teachers and professors, do you want to know if your students consider you a good teacher? Put a pad of paper and a locked suggestion box after a month of teaching, and see what you get. Maybe your students can teach you something so you can be one of the good teachers that really make an impact on a mind, rather than take up space because you have tenure or a master's degree!

Carla LaLonde


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