Climate modeling works

The Fresno BeeJune 28, 2014 

The climate-change denier machine has been spreading the idea that scientists "manipulated" temperature data to hide the "fact" that average world temperature was actually warmer in the 1930s.

Suppose you wanted to know the average temperature of Europe in the 1700s but only had records from London and Rome. Would you blame scientists for using a model to estimate the temperatures of Moscow and Athens? Would that be some kind of "conspiracy"? This is the purpose of models that make 1930 data comparable to 2014 data.

Climatology has improved immensely since even the 1970s, when computers and satellites were just coming into play. People don't realize how much more we know today. When scientists say that the climate is warming and models show the cause is the megatons of carbon dioxide we are emitting, they have the data to prove it.

If the planet is not warming, why are the ice caps melting?

These fabricated arguments paid for by the Koch brothers and their pals show the weakness and venality of their stand. It is time for everyone to pull together and do everything we can to slow the release of greenhouse gases.

Devin Carroll


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