Fresno VA care is top notch

The Fresno BeeJune 27, 2014 

I have nothing but praise for the VA Medical Center in Fresno. At age 85 I was being treated for an ulcerated foot by an "outside" podiatrist, and I got tired of his insulting demeanor. So I went to the VA to see what they had to offer. After qualifying for treatment I got an appointment with a primary care doctor, a young lady who was very professional and obviously knew what she was doing. She checked all of my vital signs and then scheduled me for an appointment with a VA podiatrist in about two weeks. That doctor was a real neat guy and very competent in his field. In a couple of months my foot was healed, and it was a pleasant experience to be treated so well. If anybody denigrates the Fresno VA in my presence, I will roll over their toes with my power chair!

Guy W. Johnston


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