No worries about McCarthy

FresnoJune 26, 2014 

Regarding The Bee's article June 23 from the New York Times on new House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: The last time I checked, the terms "immigrant" and "illegal immigrant" were not interchangeable. As we here in California understand, there is a huge difference between those who came here legally and followed the laws of the land and those who simply broke the law and crossed our borders.

I am no longer worried about McCarthy's stance on illegal immigration. That's because he made it very clear on Chris Wallace's Fox News show Sunday that he would not entertain any immigration reform until our border was secured. I am quite comfortable with a path to legality for our illegals. Further, with the lawless actions of this president and his ability to pick and choose which laws he will enforce, I suspect no immigration discussions can take place until he is gone.

Helen Souza


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