Obama's failed presidency

FresnoJune 26, 2014 

The White House is saying "oops" about administration policies that led to the flood of illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border into the United States? What the White House should be saying is "oops" to the entire Obama presidency and drafting up his resignation speech. They should also be drafting up a speech to return his Nobel Peace Prize in light of what his foreign policy agenda has accomplished in the Middle East, the Ukraine and Europe. How many deaths are going to be attributed to those failed policies? Oops!

Obama is not now nor was he ever qualified to be president of the United States. Obama has disgraced this nation and the Office of the President, violated his oath of office and the trust of the American people and failed to faithfully execute the laws of this country and uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

He has failed to secure our borders, willfully released weapons into the hands of our enemies, obstructed justice, secretly spied on our nation's citizens and used the IRS to intimidate law-abiding citizens before a presidential election. How did a man of these attributes ever ascend to the presidency?

Phillip Eisner


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