Accusation is sour grapes

FresnoJune 25, 2014 

Peggy Dallas stated in her June 21 letter that, because Elizabeth Egan lost re-election, the "Smittcamp family has purchased the district attorney's office" and she wonders "what is behind the scenes." Fresno's police chief supported Lisa Smittcamp (DA Egan's challenger), as did Egan's own DA investigators and a group of prosecutors working in Egan's office — the very people who worked with Egan on every criminal case. It made me really pay attention when so many professional and experienced people who know what kind of job the DA was doing refused to support her re-election. What "is behind the scenes" is that Lisa Smittcamp didn't need to "purchase the district attorney's office." The majority of the voters chose Smittcamp as the better candidate. Yes, it was an expensive campaign on both sides, but accusing the winner of buying the election is really just sour grapes.

Joan McCoy


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