America's family values

FresnoJune 25, 2014 

Cheers for Ed Miller's letter June 19, offering "tough love" solutions to the hordes of illegal immigrant children who are crossing our border looking for their families.

How dare they want to find their mothers who most likely are slaving over someone else's children 24/7 so they can send money home to feed and clothe their own? Why on earth would these youngsters travel thousands of miles, putting life at risk, just to be reunited with mom? After all, she abandoned them to come here in the first place.

And what about that young boy who hitched a ride in the wheel well of an airplane so he could find his mother in Ethiopia? She has nothing to offer him because she is a refugee from Somalia living in a camp. She can't buy him things like an iPhone, an iPad, or even food, so his reasoning is in question.

These children need to be educated as to the real necessities of life: mall shopping, game stations, Facebook, bullying the weird kid in school. They need a true education on values.

What would this country be if all we thought about was family?

Catherine Steele Smith


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