Change our direction

June 24, 2014 

I refuse to apologize for being male, white, Christian, conservative or homosexual. I'm male because of my father. I'm white because my parents are Caucasian. I'm Christian because I believe in Jesus and the trinity. I'm conservative because I'm educated, work hard, don't prey on the poor and do not feel entitled. My homosexuality — be it genetic or choice — is as unimportant to me as a heterosexuals' sexual orientation.

I refuse to be labeled uncaring because I believe the children storming our borders should be given food and water and turned back to those who assisted them in traveling 1,500 miles. I refuse to be labeled a racist because I believe our president has no leadership skills and has absolutely no experience to lead the most powerful nation in the world.

Finally, I refuse to support any political party politicians who protect a president instead of working for the people who elected them to office. I will use my vote in November, and urge others to vote, to change the direction this nation has taken under the direction of incompetent leadership.

Timothy L. Altomare



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