IRS scandal is a top concern

June 24, 2014 

A recent news report stated that some lawmakers no longer consider the Internal Revenue Service targeting situation a top priority. The reason given is this: The attention of the people has turned to other issues, such as Iraq and the War on Terror.

Of all the issues we face, the IRS scandal is the most important because if the IRS is permitted to engage in such discriminatory conduct in one administration, future administrations are more likely to follow suit.

The threat the IRS scandal poses to our government has become significantly more urgent since, either there has been an astonishing series of coincidences, or else relevant evidence has been deliberately destroyed.

This season, we celebrate the extraordinary sacrifices made by those who established the freedoms this nation has historically enjoyed. Please contact members of the House and Senate and tell them to continue pursuing the truth — and that a special prosecutor be appointed.

Brad Taylor


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