Airlines piled up $1.1b in baggage, ticket-change fees in early 2014

The Fresno BeeJune 23, 2014 


A United Express regional carrier takes off from Fresno Yosemite International Airport.

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U.S. airlines racked up more than $1.1 billion in baggage and reservation-change fees in the first quarter of 2014, en route to a collective net profit of $507 million for the quarter.

The federal Department of Transportation reported the figures, based on figures provided by 27 airlines, on Monday.

Ticket sales represented the largest chunk of revenue, at more than $28.7 billion in the first quarter. Other types of services including in-flight sales of refreshments, code-share revenue from business partners and more amounted to another $6.5 billion.

Baggage fees accounted for $791 million in income for airlines, and reservation and cancellation charges added up to almost $726 million.

Delta Air Lines ranked first among the reporting airlines for both ticket-change fees, at $220.2 million, and baggage fees, with $190.6 million. United Airlines collected ticket-change fees totaling $194 million and baggage fees of $147 million, ranking second on both lists.

Among other airlines that serve Fresno-Yosemite International Airport, the national list included:


  • American Airlines, third in ticket-change fees at $131.7 million, fourth in baggage fees at $120.8 million.


  • US Airways, fourth in ticket-change fees at $84.6 million, third in baggage fees at $128.9 million.


  • Alaska Airlines, sixth in ticket-change fees at $23.8 million, sixth in baggage fees at $24.9 million.


  • Frontier Airlines, 10th in ticket-change fees at $4.8 million, eighth in baggage fees at $22.1 million.


  • Allegiant Air, 11th in ticket-change fees at $2.2 million, seventh in baggage fees at $22.4 million.

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