Good care in Fresno VA

FresnoJune 22, 2014 

I am a World War II veteran. I cannot understand why the veterans passed away in Arizona while waiting for an appointments with Veterans Affairs doctors at a VA hospital. I have been going to the VA hospital in Fresno and the VA Tulare clinic for years. Not once have I been turned down or had a lengthy wait to see a doctor or for treatment. I have always received good care.

Anytime you go to the VA Fresno hospital you see it full of patients who have appointments for doctors, X-ray, therapy, medicine or drop-ins.

When you phone for any reason, the first message you hear is, "If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911!" I'm sure the same message is on all VA hospital or office phones across the United States.

I want to thank Fresno and Tulare for their wonderful care. Come on, veterans. The hospitals and clinics need your support. Speak up! One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole barrel.

June L. Mowles



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