What improves learning?

FresnoJune 16, 2014 

The Bee's editorial June 11 on teacher tenure and the judge's ruling is based on the false assumption that removing tenure will be of great benefit to students.

I have taught for 40 years — 18 in private high schools, a private college and university, all with no tenure guarantees, along with 22 years in public schools with tenure. I have taught in wealthy and impoverished areas. Tenure was never an element that affected the quality neither of my teaching nor from what I experienced of my fellow instructors.

I have done extensive international research on attributes that most significantly impact student learning. The quality of student learning increases with improvement in student health and well being, parent participation, teacher creativity and autonomy, student engagement along with sufficient classroom resources. Tenure does not enter the picture.

A 2009 Chicago study found that "tenure status, specifically, had no statistically significant correlation with teacher quality."

All this is to say that removing tenure does not improve educational quality.

Rog Lucido


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