First-place Swearengin looks on as Yee, Pérez battle for 2nd in controller's race

Posted by John Ellis on June 13, 2014 

Ashley Swearengin

It’s been a wild week in the state controller’s race, but this hasn’t changed — Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin remains in first place.

That’s means she is all but guaranteed to move on to a November showdown. The question is, who will she face? Right now, the answer to that is a continually moving target.

Each day, the Secretary of State’s Office offers multiple updates to the vote count.

As of Friday at 5:15 p.m., Assembly Speaker Emeritus John Pérez had moved ahead of his fellow Democrat, State Board of Equalization member Betty Yee, by 322 votes. That’s statewide.

By the time this is being read, however, the numbers are likely to have changed.

Throughout the week, the two have traded off holding the second spot in the race. Under the state’s election rules, the top two finishers in the June primary, regardless of political party, move on to the November general election.

For awhile, it looked like David Evans, an accountant from California City in Kern County, might finish second. He and Swearengin are both Republicans, and that finish would have guaranteed the Republicans a constitutional office.

But now Evans has fallen back, likely leaving the battle for second to Yee and Pérez.

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