Finding VA scapegoats

June 11, 2014 

Not to diminish the seriousness of the problems, but, the chief of staff at each VA hospital should have fired all department heads that should have had control over the problem areas. When they were done firing their department heads, I would have fired the chief of staff at each affected hospital. But because Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki did not know how many cotton balls are used at VA Hospital in Fargo, ND, he is forced to resign? Then so should the commander-in-chief, President Obama.

It was under his watch and he assumes ultimate responsibility, along with those in Congress who have oversight of the VA. Obama is not qualified to use the same bathroom as retired Four-Star Gen. Eric Shinseki.

Whenever there is a serious issue within a government bureaucracy, politicians cry out "a head must roll," just not theirs.

Let's fix the problems first then we can determine responsibility and take necessary action. We will never prevent or even fixed problems within government bureaucracies as long as we have "corrupt" and "morally bankrupt" politicians.

Dennis Belfiore


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