He did 'honorable thing'

June 11, 2014 

No matter how great the team, without the most modern tools, any institution is crippled in its performance. Many of us from the private sector cannot comprehend how slow government moves. There is always a group of individuals who compromise the speed in which a regulation or rule becomes in effect.

Eric Shinseki did a very honorable thing in resigning. He did not want the distraction of his administration to be the focus in the midst of the realignment of the VA. We have all witnessed how the actions of people in powerful positions, become an entertainment if you will for the Americans whose focus is more on creating problems instead of being a solution.

I thank our entire veterans for their service to the United States of America, and I also thank Mr. Shinseki, not only for his service in the military, but for the service to his fellow veterans. We all need to be aware, as Americans, how polluted our government is with stagnant rules, how a few of our leaders tend to serve their constituents who share their own agendas rather than that of our whole country.

Susan Ashmore


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