Ask them this. . .

June 11, 2014 

No surprise -- the hyenas are circling again.

This time their target is a man who was just released after five years' captivity in Afghanistan. So what if he went AWOL?

He was an American soldier. He has long since paid for his "crime." We owe it to our military to spare no effort in securing their safety. Those who ignore this simple truth show a desire to make political hay out of another's suffering.

I have no love for President Obama. But in this case I think he did the right thing. Does anyone really think Bowe Bergdahl had a cushy captivity in some Afghan harem? I'm just wondering if any of the critics had a better plan, or would they just rather the soldier rot?

This reminds me of another rightwing "hero" -- a fellow named McCarthy who claimed he had a list of hundreds of commies in the government -- a list he never produced. He was brought up short by a simple question: Do you have no shame, sir? I'd like to ask this question of the hyenas.

Stephen Pendleton


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