Money talks in politics

FresnoJune 10, 2014 

"Save planet -- and money" (May 30) by Allison Hesnault calls for action against "the fossil fuel industry" and for "the switch to renewable energy." Surely many readers of The Bee agree. But many may also question the writer's conclusion that this switch will save the public "$7 billion a year in tax breaks to the oil and gas industries."

Contrary to the writer's expectation, it seems likely that no switch to renewable energy is possible until these industries are awarded equal, or even greater tax breaks -- greater due to the current notion that donating unlimited amounts of money to politicians is free speech.

We live in a society so money-mad that the freedom to buy political power outweighs the freedom to provide a sound energy base for the future. It is no doubt necessary to rescue capitalism from this madness, before attempting to save the planet.

Tom Moradian


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