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FresnoJune 10, 2014 

Watching the president's statements recently regarding the Veterans Administration fiasco and the reporting of a quote from Hillary Clinton's new book that she will not participate in the politicization of Benghazi "on the backs" of those who died there makes me wonder. Is the national media really so easily distracted or manipulated by these hypocrites? Are they so invested in having consistently backed both through mistakes, mismanagement and even possible unconstitutional or illegal acts that they must now protect both beyond all logic? Or, are they so incompetent they can only report what politicians and pundits say without questioning in light of prior statements or actions or in relation to the factual circumstances?

The president has known about the VA problems (including scheduling issues) since he was a senator, yet only now is going to "get on it." Hillary politicized Benghazi from the beginning so her non-participation in discussing it now sounds more like a self-serving taking of the Fifth Amendment.

"What difference does it make"? The Founding Fathers knew our form of government succeeds only when the public was well informed. The news media today fails us miserably in that regard and we will suffer for it.

Mike Repucci


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