Warszawski: Giants' fast start has him feeling twitchy

The Fresno BeeJune 9, 2014 

Enter the Warzone, double trouble in triple digits.

• The Giants began the week 42-21 with a 9 1/2-game lead over the Dodgers in the National League West.

Talk about a bad omen. They were 36-27 after 63 games in 2010 and 2012. And everyone knows how those years turned out.

• OK, that was a poor attempt to find something - anything - that should be worrisome right now to Giants fans.

Besides the 162-game schedule ...

• What do the Giants have that the Dodgers don't?

In two words: Hunter Pence. Someone who plays 160 games and runs out every single ground ball like he's being chased by hungry wolves.

• Not sure what left us more bummed, watching California Chrome fizzle in the Belmont Stakes or hearing and reading co-owner Steve Coburn's sour, spiteful remarks.

Coburn finally apologized (two days later), but not before he dropped a pile of road apples on such a great story.

• Would California Chrome have been two lengths faster had he not gotten clipped and injured out of the gate?

Too bad he can't tell us himself, yeah or neigh.

• Next time a horse wins the first two legs of the Triple Crown, we promise not to get our hopes up.

Not even if he's born at Saint Agnes.

• If LeBron James passes to an open shooter and the guy misses, LeBron gets ripped for not taking the last shot.

And if LeBron passes to an open shooter and the guys makes it, like Chris Bosch did with 1:17 left in Game 2, LeBron gets no credit for making the smart play.

Those are the rules.

• There has been talk, fueled by Internet reports with murky sourcing, about Derek Carr having a better chance of starting for the Raiders as a rookie than initially thought.

Not according to general manager Reggie McKenzie, who was in Clovis last weekend for the CIF Track & Field Championships.

"Matt Schaub is our starter 100%," McKenzie said during our 5-minute conversation.

• In attendance to watch his son, Kahlil, heave the shot, McKenzie was pretty conspicuous at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Don't see too many guys his size walking around in a Raiders cap, polo shirt and shorts.

• Turns out Kahlil McKenzie isn't the only track star in the family.

Dad competed in the Tennessee state meet in both the discus throw and shot put for Austin-East High of Knoxville.

• Marion Jones, Allyson Felix ... Ariana Washington.

America's next Olympic sprint queen is ready for her coronation.

• The night before he was taken in the MLB Draft, Johnny Manziel was photographed guzzling from a champagne bottle while lying face down on an inflatable swan.

Don't change, Johnny. Please don't change.

• Can't blame Fresno State fans for wondering how a team that finished 28-29 could have six players drafted.

Same reason there were five picks from the 2013 squad that went 23-33: Baseball teams need more than five or six good players.

• Best thing about overtime in the NHL playoffs? No stinkin' commercials.

• For no particular reason: Endy Chavez

• The NCAA has agreed to pay $20 million to former football and basketball players whose names and images were used in video games.

Athletes' likenesses can no longer be exploited; just the actual athletes.

• Concession stands at the state meet were selling four flavors of shaved ice: bubble gum, lime, cherry and tigers blood.

Tigers blood?

"It's just fruit punch," replied the smiling young lady behind the table.

Darn. For a moment, this old slug thought he'd finally discovered the secret to fast-twitch muscles.

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