Fresno's heat doesn't stop social club's annual picnic

The Fresno BeeJune 8, 2014 

A breeze kept Sunday's sweltering temperature bearable for many Fresno residents who spent the day outdoors, but today may not be as tolerable.

Sunday's high temperature hit 105 degrees in Fresno,just three degrees cooler than the record set last year when the mercury hit 108.

People who live in Traver weren't so lucky. The temperature hit a scorching 108 by late afternoon.

Members of Fresno's True Passion Social Club remember last year's record high temperature well. They hosted their first annual family day picnic at Roeding Park in the heat that day.

On Sunday, the group and various affiliated motorcycle clubs from the central San Joaquin Valley returned for a second year and were prepared.

"It's going to be hot," said April Mills, club president. "Last year was hot. You get used to it."

And people can adapt. The picnic was moved from the middle of the park to a shady area near spigots so children could easily fill up their water guns.

Laquawn Townsel, 11, said he was feeling "cool" after his siblings drenched him with their water guns and pistols. Then they filled up a bucket full of water and he shouted, "Bring the water to the party."

The triple-digit heat is expected to stay in Fresno through Wednesday with the hottest day of the week predicated to be Monday, according to the National Weather Service office in Hanford. The temperature is forecast to hit 108 degrees, which would tie the record set in 1902.

An easing of the heat is then expected for the later part of the week, with temperatures falling into the mid-90s for the weekend, said meteorologist Gary Sanger.

The heat didn't stop Brandon Pandukht's family of Fresno from venturing outdoors to Storyland Playland on Sunday. They were celebrating daughter Jade's seventh birthday and had it planned for a while.

"Fresno is Fresno," Pandukht said. "We know the heat is coming."

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