Support Rainbow Pride

FresnoJune 6, 2014 

Today the Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival, founded in 1991, will be celebrated in Fresno's Tower District. I'm writing in support of this festival.

During a recent church service, one of our members bravely spoke of his experience at the church where he was baptized and confirmed. On his coming out, they asked him to leave. He noticed our church participating in the Rainbow Pride Parade, came for a visit one Sunday, found we really are open and affirming, and is now a valued member of our church. He is a courageous man, and we are lucky to have him in our church family.

I've been a closet supporter of those who struggle with self and feel alone or helpless. But, I've not been vocal on their behalf. Instead, I've hidden behind my church and let others do the hard -- but good -- work of helping our neighbors. It's time I help, too. So I've cracked the door to my closet and urge all who can to support the Rainbow Pride Parade. It's a simple way to show we value equality, caring, and respect for all.

Scott Baucher


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