Face of Cancer's fine work

FresnoJune 6, 2014 

I attended a memorial service recently for a woman who lost her battle with cancer. She left behind a loving husband and two darling children but the service was very positive due to the efforts of "The Face of Cancer." We watched a video in which she was the star -- a positive video in which she talked about her life's journey and facing her diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. She was given the opportunity of living out one of her dreams on film; in this case, dressing in wedding gowns and having her hair and nails done. She was filmed walking the runway and not a soul watching could tell she had cancer. I was so impressed with "The Face of Cancer" and their efforts to chronicle her journey -- for her but, most of all, for her family.

The chaplain suggested we take something positive away from the service. I chose her words from the video, "Having cancer has changed me for the better; therefore, I consider having cancer a gift but in ugly wrapping paper." Inspirational words from a positive lady.

Marty Zinn


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